Birthday Party Games in Dhanbad
Birthday Party Games

Birthday Party Games in Dhanbad

10 ideas by Birthday Occasion for Birthday Party Games in Dhanbad 

Got frustrated finding games for your next birthday party? Explored the entire web and found nothing of your interest! Then have patience and read this article. In fact, We promise when you would be reading the last sentence of this, you will surely have the most authentic game ideas. Ready! Begin and grab some amazing party ideas for Birthday Party Games in Dhanbad

Before moving forward, we want to clear one crucial point. Just don’t go by the name of the game. It might look like what you have seen previously. However, the way it is played gets change with us. Moreover, we have classified the games according to the age group to minimize your efforts.

Furthermore, we feel that games are not meant for fun only. It should convey some message or serve as a source of learning in some or the other way. And, you will find this factor as well in the below-listed games.


We call ourselves a creator of innovative birthday party games in Dhanbad and there is a reason behind it. While planning for the games, we don’t forget to take into account the target because the age matters. A game that seems interesting to adults might not make sense to children. After all, there is something like the IQ level in humans. 

Fruit Salad Game

You must have heard about pizza or sandwich eating games! However, we have fruit salad. It has been seen that kids are not much interested in fruits but here they won’t have other options. It goes like eating a set quantity fastest or in standard time, how much a child can eat maximum. There can be other variations too in this according to the age of the child. So, health & fun should go hand in hand.

The Hobby Madness

Being a trusted party organizer, we have always tried to keep birthday party games in Dhanbad unique. As there is a great need for promoting the hobby, why not start it from a party and add to the excitement factor?

Here, kids can pick one of their hobbies like singing & perform. This way, the child can find a person of shared interest too. Who knows it can turn into something great in the future!

birthday party games in Dhanbad
birthday party games in Dhanbad

Clue Master

It is similar to a treasure hunt. Children can be provided with a map of a particular hidden item and they have to discover it. Or simply based on clues it can be done like at every stage some clue will be provided and you will have to hit the spot every time to proceed. The person reaching to the clue first will be entitled to grab the prize of that spot. Moreover, there are further options for twisting such birthday party games in Dhanbad as per the age of the participants.


Watching movies is ok but what about making one? Here a group of children is allotted a common theme like save water. Now, they have to come with a drama on it; and not a simple drama. Children are supposed to define their role, suppose one person will act as producer, another director and some will act as an actor. It will help them learn how things work behind the curtain, along with the importance of teamwork. 

Remember, we don’t want birthday party games in Dhanbad to be just a competition.


We feel what delights children can turn out to be boring for adults. For an adult, more skill-based games, requiring an artistic angle have been included in the list.

Dumb Charades with a Twist

We all know this game. Normally, we see people playing this using the name of the movies. But, these days, due to heightened promotion of films, it becomes easy for the players to find out the answer. So, to make it spicy, we have replaced movies with the name of web series. Sounds interesting! This is what we are here for – to make birthday party games in Dhanbad more enticing & challenging.

The Enactor

Every participant will allocate with the name of a Bollywood actor/actress. The person will have to act as the assigned person. The best and most entertaining actor will lead the game; the same will decide by the audience.

Play the prank

A prank is nothing but a joke or naughty act that appears to be real if performed nicely. Being experienced in birthday party games in Dhanbad, we can say that it is really worth playing. But remember, the prank should not be life-threatening. The fun should not convert into a hazard.

The Jumbo Jet

I love panipuri so much that I can eat 50 panipuris at one go. In a social gathering, you might have heard similar statements many times. So, why not try such things. Let’ see how daring people are in real. So, we can have a challenge like completing a super big food plate without taking any pause, 30 Gulab Jamun at one go, etc. 

Wrap Up

To help you genuinely in making your upcoming birthday party more pleasurable, we have come up with the above birthday party games in Dhanbad; try and enjoy it. However, the list is not exhaustive. There are many other party ideas too. At Birthday Occasion, we have games for senior citizens as well. Moreover, we stay blessed with creative minds that keep coming up with something new now and then. So, we can offer you a diverse & distinct range of ideas on this.

Explore More Birthday Party Games in Dhanbad

To be able to provide more fashionable party ideas to you on this, we need to have a face-to-face discussion. Here, we get to understand your needs in a better way and can come up with more desirable options. And why just look for ideas when we can arrange the entire thing for you? Yeah. Birthday Occasion has a dedicated game coordinator to organize the activities for you. 

There are many more party stall games that we provide like ring game, balloon shooting, break the pyramid, bouncing castle and many more. So, call us now to book an appointment. For more details and ideas, Visit :

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