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Birthday, being special, calls for a celebration. And the party cannot be complete without decorations. The decoration is like butter on bread. And decorating a place is not a simple task because it is a vast concept. The decoration is meant to beautify the place. And it serves the purpose only when done suitably. Over & under beautification can ruin the efforts and make the place look shabby. So, it is better to appoint an adroit birthday party decorator in Dhanbad to work for you. Undeniably, we, the Birthday Occasion, are a leader of event planning.

Theme Decoration

Theme Decoration has become so much popular these days. Decorating a place based on a theme not only enhances the beauty of the place but lets you convey a message as well. Many themes are available nowadays from which you choose according to your interests. And the options are available for all age groups. Moreover, if you have an idea for which you don’t find any relevant theme then you need not worry. Being a brilliant birthday party decorator in Dhanbad, we are capable enough to come up with the solution. All you need to do is telling your expectations to us and we will execute it in a supreme way. 

When it comes to theme decoration, proper planning and faultless execution play an important role. The absence of any of these two can create havoc. Not only it will look bad, but it will not fulfill the purpose too. However, we take guarantee of our work, irrespective of the theme you select like Doremon, jungle, circus, 80’s not out, green India, save water, Chandrayan II, etc. You won’t get any chance to point out mistakes as there will not be any. This is what makes us a preferred birthday party decorator in Dhanbad.

Birthday Party Decorators in Dhanbad
Birthday Party Decorators in Dhanbad

Non Theme Decoration

The other option is this, which is very simple to go about. It is all about getting a place decorated in whatever way you like. For this, multiple items of diverse nature can be used like balloons for the stage, flowers for entrance gate, ribbons, chandelier, and whatnot.  

The non-thematic decoration looks equally beautiful when compared to theme-based decoration. However, it is important to set the right combination of things and colors. Also, the age of the birthday person should be considered while decorating the place. Birthday Occasion is an expert birthday party decorator in Dhanbad, having around 12 years of experience in this field and can do wonders. We have worked with thousands of clients till now and none of them had any issues. Our team members take the task very seriously and work with full devotion to come up with mesmerizing decoration. Additionally, they have the talent to accommodate your ideas too. 

What we can decorate?

Decoration can be done anywhere and everywhere, and we cover A-Z of decoration. No matter whether it’s a shiny day or rainy one; its day or night; the party is indoor or outdoor – Birthday Occasion is ready to manage everything. Our love for challenges as birthday party decorator in Dhanbad kept rising since inception.

Welcome Board

The welcome board is one of the most important components. Being the first one to catch the eyes of the guests, it must be decorated smartly. To be appealing, the need is to decorate the board in a beautiful & spotless manner. We have unique ideas to make it look elegant. With us, you have the option to go with a digital welcome board where different messages can be displayed.


The welcome board conveys your feelings to the guests. But to show that you care about your guests and they are very important for you, the decoration of the entrance should be done in a welcoming style. The look should be pleasing. Having been working as a birthday party decorator in Dhanbad and other places, we have observed that people get attracted to innovative styles. The wonderful but common decoration style gives soothing experience to viewers but it hardly becomes part of their memory. The reason is simple; seeing the same thing every time. 

But this would not be the case with us. We are an innovative birthday party decorator in Dhanbad and you will find that we always come up with uncommon style.

Cake Table

It is the center of attraction for obvious reasons. But, we can make it attractive enough that people would love looking at this. Many decorative items are available in the market that ranges from simple and low-cost to complex and costly. We pick the items keeping in mind your budget and soberly decorate the cake table.


The stage is another central point. It can be used for various purposes like cake cutting, gifts exchange, and photoshoot. And as a birthday party decorator in Dhanbad, we feel we must make it the best. We put every effort so that it looks matchless and fascinating. 

Message Board

The message board contributes a lot in making the big-day memorable for the birthday person. Though it’s just a small part of the whole portion but carries so much weight. Thus, we give due importance to this as well and try to make it amazing.

Apart from the above-listed parts, there are others too like the food zone, fun zone, etc. Whatever be the area, we try hard to dress it up in the most appropriate way. We want to make the day memorable and cherishing for every participant. Additionally, we try that your guests get special attention so that they can’t hold them back from praising & blessing you.

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The decoration is an important factor and plays a great role in making the party wonderful and effectual at the same time. Thus, it is necessary to appoint some ingenious minds. To meet such people, come to Birthday Occasion. Here, you will find highly skilled & committed birthday party decorator in Dhanbad who are passionate about the work. We have all the ways and means to make the entire place worth watching. 

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