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Hire Dhanbad’s best birthday decorator and host a marvelous birthday party in town!

In today’s time, people want to celebrate everything right from birthdays to anniversaries to retirement and many other occasions. Amongst all of them, celebrating birthdays in the grandest way is everyone’s dream. However, making it a reality and standing up to everything you wish to include in your party often gets difficult. Besides, Birthday Decoration is easy with a Birthday decorator.

Managing everything can be a very difficult task especially if you have other things to do. At the end moment, all you could manage to do is decorating up the place with balloons, ordering a cake and inviting guests over. Delaying all the things you desired to include this time till your next birthday party.

When it’s your kid’s birthday party you surely want the venue to be decorated in the most lavish way. Everything customizes as per your wish. Easier said than done! It requires a lot of effort and know-how of things. If you always find yourself in the midst of all this hassle, it makes better sense. To hire a birthday decorator who can manage all the tasks easily and efficiently.


Birthday Occasion- Your best birthday Decorator companion

We are a team of talented and creative birthday organizers and birthday decorator in Dhanbad. Birthday Occasion has organized over 2000+ parties in the city of Dhanbad. Our dedication and hard work have led us to expand across multiple cities and gain great number of clients.

We take care of your expenses

Our birthday decorators understand your specific needs and try to fulfill them in every possible manner. If you are organizing an event, sure you have a budget, right? While there are many other birthday planners in Dhanbad, they tend to charge a hefty amount for the arrangements. Not to worry, your birthday decorator will keep your budget in mind throughout the planning process. We also offer great packages that are budget-friendly and include a good number of options.

Great assistance-

All of our birthday decorator in Dhanbad are cheerful, hard-working and treat their clients like family. And we aren’t just making it up but saying it on the basis of our client testimonials and reviews. Moreover, they help you in allocating the budget, deciding what’s best and pay attention to your little demands. If you are new to hosting events, our birthday decorator will make sure we walk the birthday planning path together.

Ethical Business Practices-

We make sure that we abide by the law, nature, and people. Birthday Occasion makes sure of the expectations and wants of both its internal and external audience. With the use of disposable material in our props. And cutlery, we take care of nature in our own little way. We ensure a great work culture for our employees and best in class support services for clients.

Constantly Improving-

Events are all about trends and it is a dynamically growing industry. We are constantly striving to include all the latest trends in our parties and build great memories for you. We constantly learn from our surroundings, technology, and our clients to come up with the best.

What we do to make your birthday decoration flawless?

Decorating a birthday party venue can be an extremely torrid affair. If it’s your child’s birthday party especially the first one, it needs to be taken as seriously as any national event. You don’t want to miss anything, the cake, the decoration, the party props, games and activities, the venue…everything! And not to forget, your child’s minute to minute demands that seem simply impossible to fulfill.

Your birthday decorator will make sure that the decoration is top-notch. Whether your venue is an outdoor setting, party hall or your house itself, our creative themes and vibrant color schemes stand out to make the space enchanting to look at.

Seeing many different colors in one place often disturbs one’s attention and seems haphazard. This is where customization plays a big role. We customize the decoration according to the selected theme, whether it’s your favorite cartoon, superhero or any other theme. You choose from our list, the decoration will be done according to the same. Most of our clients opt for creative themes such as Spiderman, Princess, Mickey Mouse, Chota Bheem, etc. Our birthday decorator in Dhanbad decks up the whole venue beautifully according to the theme.

One of the main highlights of the big birthday parties. These days is the gate decoration that is, the decoration done at the entrance of your venue. Moreover, Gate decoration is our biggest specialty and highly appreciated by our clients. Besides, Our light-hearted and happy decoration at the entrance will greet your guests in the liveliest manner. In fact, we also specialize in cake table decoration wherein the table. However, the main wall will be decorated with balloons, streams, inflatables of cartoons and other props.

Hire Birthday Decorator Now!

Apart from this, the birthday accessories used also play a big part when it comes to decoration. Birthday Decorator offer customized props as per your decoration setup or theme. Moreover, The props may include disposable cutlery, hooters, birthday caps, return gifts, loot bags, eye masks, etc. depending upon your budget/package. Our options don’t just end here; we have many other creative options you may have hardly seen before. In fact, These include wishing tree, foil balloons, balloon bouquets, creative cutouts and much more!

Your birthday decorator in Dhanbad is always there to suggest and introduce you the latest decoration trends. In Addition, With so many exciting and unique ideas birthday planners can provide, why use mundane ideas for your most cherished event? And the best part, you don’t have to go looking for third party vendors for different services like decoration, games, activities, invitations, cake when you can simply find everything under one roof.

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